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Work of employees of Tehsil office Kaambandh movement

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A case was registered on Monday (5th) on Monday by a woman employee of Tahsil office in Naib Tehsildar. In the wake of this incident, the employees of Tehsil office have started the Kambandh movement from Tuesday (Dec.).

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Salekasa: An incident occurred on Monday (5th) in a tehsil office in which a woman employee threw a slip on the naib tehsildar. In the wake of this incident, the employees of Tehsil office have started the Kambandh movement from Tuesday (Dec.). This has caused all the works of the Tehsil office to be mocked. All the staff members of the Tehsil office have gathered and sent a memorandum to the Collector.

All the officers and employees of Tehsil office were working in the office on Monday (5th). Since the work of the Indira Gandhi Yojana was extended to the women workers in the office, and it was mandatory to send subsidy to the beneficiaries of the scheme before Diwali. Therefore, in-charge officer and nb tehsildar Sanjay Gandhi scheme income R. Pandey asked for increase in the Indira Gandhi scheme. You had to make the bill on that day. But they are still not ready to make any kind of bills, but when they are going back, the increase made them slip through the sandal of the feet and beat them. Similarly, the children of the children of the rise also succumbed to Pandey. All the officers and employees present in the office were shocked by the incident. Earlier, even during the previous Lok Sabha by-elections, the establishment had struck a clerk in a similar manner. Therefore, the possibility of this happening to any officer and employee of the office can not be ruled out. So there is a scary atmosphere in the officials and employees working in Tehsil office. Therefore, the increase should be done as per government rule. As long as the increase does not take place, unless all the naib tehsildar officers, employees and all the revenue employees have kept a promise of continuing the agitation. The request for this has been given to the District Collector, Kadambari Balkavade, Divisional Commissioner Nagpur, Sub-Divisional Officer Deewari, Tehsildar Salakesa, Thane Sadar Sleeksa.

The delegation includes Naib Tehsildar AR Pandey, Nayab Tehsildar, A.K. B. Bhure, S. V. Gagbhie, P. C. Wave, M. C. Wave, H. B. Madavi, R.H. Dage, DS Bahwankar, Message Halamare, C.G. Karvatkar, Kesharabai Tumasere, T. T. Girhepunze, G. S. Kavade, Aspak Sayyed, Message Borkar, G. H. Raut, Sriniu Vai, Shamlal Madavi, Sunil Subada, Amit Rahile, Rishikumar Kumbhare, MR Dongre, Sunil Nagpure, Ashok Dongarwar, Vitthal Rathod.

Public awareness of the agitation
All activities of the Tehsil office were suspended on Tuesday as the employees stopped the work on Diwali day. So many people are in a hurry.

The behavior done by the women employees of the respective Tahsildars is out of order and unbounded. I protest against this incident.
CR Bhandari, Tehsildar Sailaksa

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