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Will organise the community marriage ceremony every year :

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Khwaja Poor Nawaz Minority Multi-Purpose Organization has organized a step towards social work through community marriage celebrations. It is truly worth mentioning that the youth actively participated in it.

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Gondia: Khwaja Poor Nawaz Minority Multi-Purpose Organization has taken a step forward towards social work through community marriage celebrations. It is truly worth mentioning that the youth actively participated in it. For the past few years, some Muslim community has been criticizing Muslim community in the name of Muslim society group marriage and marriage fair. However, the organizers organized the collective marriage ceremony without giving any attention to this and went beyond the society. Therefore, it has been decided to organize the community marriage celebrations every year. Gopal Das Agarwal said.

This Khawaja Poor Nawaz Minority Multi-Purpose Institute organized a group marriage ceremony of Muslim community at the local Circus grounds. This time he was speaking while guiding the society.

The opposition leader of the Legislative Assembly Dr. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, Manoharbhai Patel Academy president, Varsha Patel, Haji Amin Godel, Amin Kandureva, Aslambhai Godel, Haji Hanifbhai, Rafiq Qureshi, Junaidbhai, Haji Qutubuddin Solanki, Haji Jabbar Bhai, Empty Pathan, Shakeel Mansuri , Ashfaqbhai, Sabir Pathan, Sultana Tigala, Zaheer Ahmad, Mahfuzbhai, Haji Ashfaq Ahmed, Sageer Ahmed, Yasin Tigala, Haji Abrar Siddiqui, H Ajaji Jalil Solanki, Haji Ghulam, Kadir Khan, Rizwan Vaidya, Akhtar Ali, Sarafraj Amin Godel, Riyaz Razzak Kutchi, Firoz Pothiyawala, Elias Fandan, Ovesh Pottiyawala, Firoz Kachchi, Ghulam Hassan Lohia, Rehaan Farun Kandarevala, Imran Aslam Godel, Aslambhai Mistry , Irshad Kandurevala, Javed Raza were present.

Agrawal said, even if there are any problems, the marriage will be done at Govindpur. For this, a grant of Rs. 5 crores was sanctioned during the Congress government. Out of these, the Public Works Department has received funds of Rs. 3 crores in the first phase. The construction of the wedding wing was created by bringing various problems. However, soon the wedding will be completed, Agrawal said.
Pawar Patel will be present at this event. Praful Patel will be present for the program. However, due to some important work he could not attend. He has given a good wishes to the marriage ceremony and assured Muslims to cooperate with the society. Ex-minister Nabab Siddiqui congratulated all the newlyweds, who were married at a group wedding. The Muslim community said that there is a need to take the initiative for organizing a mass marriage ceremony.
Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil said, collective marriage arrangements help save the expenditure and help in building society. I told my son’s wedding at the Samyahik wedding ceremony. The BJP government, which has given power to development and employment assured, fulfilled any assurance. Only misleading work was done. The ruling government has been working to make the society strong in the society and appealed to be cautious about such government.
Organizational Chairman Sarfaraz Godel organized a group wedding organized by the society to work for the welfare of the people. He said that with the help of Aggarwal, this will help in organizing mass wedding ceremonies. There was no communal tension in Gondia city, everyone said that they are living in confusion. The Muslim community demanded to provide space at governmental rate for the construction of the marriage mansion.
The program was moderated by the district Congress General Secretary Apoorva Agrawal. All the office bearers and members of the organization cooperated for the success.

20 Couples Married

This Khwaja Poor Nawaz Minority Multi-Purpose Organization has married a total of 20 couples in a Muslim marriage ceremony organized at the local circus ground. At this time, Muslim community members and other dignitaries in the city blessed with the blessings by giving large numbers of present.

The form of pilgrimage to the circus ground

On the occasion of mass marriage celebrations organized on the Circus ground in the city, Muslim community outside the district and the district participated in large numbers. Therefore, the form of pilgrimage came to the circus ground area.

Organize qawwali for entertainment

During the mass marriage organized on the Circus grounds, the famous Qawwal Faizan Nizami of Delhi was inaugurated with the qawwali. This Muslim community took part in the meeting.

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