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Alliance breakup in ZP within eight days

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The BJP and the Congress, which have been opposed to each other, have been a hateful alliance in the Gondia Zilla Parishad for the past four years. However, the ideology of both the BJP and the Congress is different and the ideology of the BJP is never acceptable to the Congress.

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Gondiya: The BJP and Congress, which have opposed each other, have an unholy alliance in the Gondia Zilla Parishad for last four years. However, the ideology of both the BJP and the Congress is different and the ideology of the BJP is never acceptable to the Congress. Former Congress leader of the Congress, Nana Patole, told a press conference organized on Sunday (May 3) that the disgruntled coalition of the Jeep would be disbanded in the next eight days.

District Congress Committee chairperson Purushottam Katre, general secretary Amar and 3 bones, Vinod Jain, KR Shande, Dr. Nnamdev Kirsan were present at the press conference held at the local restroom. District President Purushottam Katre had told party supremo that after the ZP election, the Congress-BJP Swaraj alliance will be broken in Gondia district. Ex-Khana Nana Patole, who is the son-in-law of the Samajwadi Party, was not able to break the alliance even after the end of the month. If he does, he will not agree to this indecent alliance party. In the next eight days, an unholy alliance in the district Said that would be broken.

Due to lack of rain in Gondia district, due to lack of rainfall, the ruling BJP government in the district declared drought and demanded Rs 25 thousand for financial assistance to the farmers. If the government does not make any immediate decision, then any agitation will not be allowed to leave any of the ministers in the district and in the village.

Before the BJP came to power, the farmers had promised to waive farm loan waivers, unemployed employment and welfare schemes. But none of these promises were fulfilled. After announcing the loan waiver of the farmers for a period of three years, the farmers have not yet received the benefit of the loan waiver. On the contrary, due to the farmers being owed, they are avoiding lending from nationalized banks.

Due to the absence of rain, drought conditions have been created and the farmers who have irrigation facilities. He also demanded three hours electricity.

The decision to contest the election is on the party

When Nana Patole questioned whether he would contest the upcoming assembly elections, the party has now entrusted it with the responsibility of campaigning head of state. Therefore, it is the first responsibility to carry it out successfully. We will decide if the party orders to contest the assembly elections.

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