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Announcement of plans but when is the benefit?

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Whether the farmers are big or small, the agriculture is dry or wet, paddy in the field or vegetable, not a single farmer in East Vidarbha has escaped irrigation. The struggle of small farmers to survive and the dignity of large farmers continues.

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Arjuni-Morgaon: No farmers, whether large or small, agricultural or dry or agricultural, paddy or vegetable farms, in the eastern Vidarbha today have not escaped irrigation. The struggle of small farmers to survive and the dignity of large farmers continues. The misery of a small farmer is a big and a farmer’s anguish. The sweet farmer lives by bringing him to an end, while the small farmer is trying to get rid of his broken life.

What is written about the destiny of the farmers is unknown? Now look at this, the agricultural officers of the taluka of Arjuni Morgaon have given a letter to the farmers to buy the tractor on subsidy. They believe they have purchased the tractor from the government scheme. He borrowed money from lenders to do so and did not have it. He dreamed of getting loan money or getting repayment. Only then have they confessed to the moneylenders. Even when no funds were available, the farmers were deprived of grants by granting tractors to more farmers. They have not received grants for the last five months. They have become victims of the administrative system.

The Maharashtra government introduced the Chief Minister’s Solar Energy Agriculture Scheme for farmers. The government has given assignments to four agencies – Tata, CRI, Mundra and Ravindra Energy – who work in the solar farming sector. It was unfortunate that the government was determined to leave only Farman, but it was not a simple courtesy to see what the problems were.

In the Arjuni Morgaon taluka, it is a tragedy that six farmers have not been paid for electricity for the last two years. However, politicians do not forget to say that we gave a bonus of Rs. No one wants a farmer to be happy.

It is a matter of real concern that this happens when the big men sitting in the government and in the administration are the peasants of the farmers. But the Chief Minister did not say anything in his speech. This has led to confusion. The decision was not made even after the cabinet was convened on Wednesday. Guardian Minister Pranaye Phuke, like Kharif, is also adapted to get a bonus for paddy crop this summer.

Due to this, the hopes of the farmers of the district have faded and with great hope, their eyes are turned to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Guardian Minister Pranaye Phuke.

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