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Death without treatment

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The patient died after suffering a brain haemorrhage after being admitted to Gondiya Government Medical College on Friday at 11.30 am, he was not treated for four hours. As a result, there was a controversy in the hospital premises.

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Gondia: The patient died after being treated for brain hemorrhage at 11.30 am on Friday at Gondia Government Medical College, where he died for not having been treated for four hours. As a result, there was a controversy in the hospital premises. One in this is a health worker who is injured. So there was a tense atmosphere in the hospital premises.

Radhey Shyam Shankar Sonwane (35) Parsoditola Tilli-Mohgaon Tal. Goregaon is the name of the deceased. He was admitted to Gondia Medical College for treatment on 11.30 am, after he became brainhuman. But the patient was not admitted for two hours.

Relatives contacted Gondia social worker Pankaj Yadav and informed them. At this time, Pankaj Yadav, who is in the court premises, called the medical director PV Rukmode and arranged for a doctor to treat him. Vaidya was called by phone to treat the patient. However, after he told, Dr. Vaidya died there at 3.30 pm. At the same time the relative’s relatives were crying.

Pankaj Yadav and his colleagues also came there. Citizens made a lot of crowds. At this time, when the medical college started crying for no medical treatment, a medical college student came in there and one of them took care of him. So there was a lot of confusion. Police came in time. Pankaj Yadav, who was assaulted by the accused, then discussed with the Medical Officer.

It is very sad for Gondia to die due to non-healing and he has demanded action against the doctor. While giving information about this, Rukmode said, there is a shortage of nine doctors in the medicines department. MD Doctor does not rule out and if no one is willing to come. Therefore, the junior MBBS doctors have to take care of the patients in reliance.

ICU ban empty

Since the last six months ICU department has not been cleaned, cleanliness is done by keeping the patients of ICU in ward no .2 here today. But there is no alternative arrangement for serious patients while undergoing ICU. The patient died due to non-healing of time.

Offense of Government Offices

Due to the beating of relatives of the patients, Dinesu Yadav, who was assaulted by Lepich Katre, was arrested in the Gondia city police station under section 353 of the Indian Penal Code.

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