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Fear of citizens about new property taxes

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The municipality has published the proposed list on June 3 and issued notice to the people on the basis of assessment of their property and place by checking the land and tenancy from the people of the city.

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Deori: The buildings owned by the people of the city have been issued on June 3 by the landlord and the assessments of the property and assessment of the properties and the correct list of the proposed value by determining the appropriate value tax and giving notice to the people. There is a lot of discontent among people about this, due to which they are imposed 10 to 15 times more tax than the regular taxes. In order to register objections to this new tax on Nagar Panchayat, a meeting of businessmen and dignitaries took place on Wednesday (December 12) at the Nagar Panchayat’s auditorium.

The head of the meeting presided over the function was the head of the school, Kaushal Kumbhare. Vice President Aftab Shaikh, Vice President Aftab Shaikh, Chief Editor Rajendra Chikhalkhunde, all the corporators, Maharashtra Congress Pradesh Congress Committee Sahashram Korote, Taluka Nishandar Congress Party president and renowned corporator Mahesh Kumar Jain, former president of Taluka Congress, Radhey Shyam Bagdeya, businessman Narendra Jain, Sampatlal Agarwal, Deepak Agarwal, adv. All the businessmen and reputed citizens of the city including Prashant Sanghvwar were present in large numbers.
Discussing this in relation to the proposed new property tax in this meeting, detailed discussion on the criteria of the government and the creation of new taxes based on the income of the people.

At this time municipal corporation, Kumbhare, Vice President Sheikh and Chief Officer Chikhalkhunde told people that the proposed list of this new tax and notice has been given to the people, whether it is correct for the people’s buildings and the valuation of the land, and to bring their objections to the new tax.
As all the municipal officials are local, the people of this region will be taxed as per the criteria of the government without any new taxes, in any situation. Thanksgiving is considered by the mud.

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