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Fukke is the guardianship of two districts after state minister

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Dr. Pariney fuke, who left his mark in the Bhandara-Gondia district’s politics in the short-term, was given guardianship of two districts of Bhandara and Gondia after the post of the state minister.

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Gondia: Dr. Paranay fuke, who gave his impression in Bhandara-Gondia district politics in the short term, was given the guardianship of two districts of Bhandara and Gondia after the post of the state minister. Dr. Janardhana is a public relations consultant, a student with personality and reticent Dr. Pariney fukke had brought the BJP leaders from both the districts together and made the Lok Sabha deep. This is the acknowledgment that the responsibility of the Legislative Assembly will be on them, and the indication is that the responsibility of the Guardian Minister has been given and given indirectly.

Dr. Paranay fukke started his political career from the Nagpur Municipal Corporation. He was the leader of the development work when he was a citizen. He was given ticket for the Vidhan Parishad from Bhandara-Gondiya local body constituency constituency a year ago. They defeated NCP candidate and came to the Legislative Council. In the short run, he made a mark in his work in Bhandara and Gondia districts. First of all, the BJP leaders gathered in these two districts. That is why BJP has been able to make a strong public support. They left their mark on the trust of the Darmans masses. They resolved many issues through the Legislative Council. For the last 60 to 70 years, the question of the nazul bandages of Dr. Paranay fuke was resolved within a month. This resulted in thousands of Najul leaseholders receiving relief. He also addressed many questions along with this. They continue to struggle for the development of the constituency. He has endeavored to get the BJP candidate from Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha constituency, Sunil Mhende. For the last two months, proper planning was done in this constituency. That is why the BJP again constituted a BJP supremo in the custody of the plaintiff. Nobody can deny Dr. Fuke’s contribution to the BJP’s success in this constituency. That’s why 15 days ago, he was made Minister of State in the extension of the Ministers of State. He became the Minister of State for Public Works and Tribal Department Department. After only 15 days, he was given the responsibility of parenting the two districts of Bhandara and Gondia districts. Considering the forthcoming Vidhan Sabha elections, they have been given the responsibility of the Guardian Minister of these two districts. The responsibility of six assembly constituencies There is no doubt in mind that fuke will remain with him. Fuke celebrated the birthday of Bhandara-Gondiya as guardian minister;

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