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The house collapsed at the putli

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On the last end of the road, a laborer in the Arjuni taluka, Prakash Baburao Lanjawar, collapsed in the house on August 8. They have suffered a great loss in this.

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Sheda (Koalari): A laborer Prakash Baburao Lanjawar, a farmer at a statue located at the end of the road Arjuni taluka, fell due to heavy rains in the middle of August. They have suffered a great loss in this. The information has been conveyed to the Taloha of Koalari and the damage has been sent to Tehsildar Road Arjuni for further action. On Wednesday night, heavy rains started when the family of Prakash Lanjawar was sleeping with sugar. Since it was night, there was a loud noise of the house being demolished so the people around the house rushed to help.

Due to the collapse of the house, the long family members had no place to stay. The next day, information was given to the Talathi office at Koalari of the Revenue Department. In this regard, the government has demanded immediate compensation.

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