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Support for Rain Water Harvesting

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The lack of proper planning is showing the difficulties of growing water every year due to lack of proper planning. The planning that our ancestors made is that today’s generation is getting enough water.

Gondia Today News Network

Gondia: The lack of proper planning is showing the time of increasing water scarcity every year. The planning that our ancestors made is that today’s generation is getting enough water. So if you want to keep the water for tomorrow’s generation, then the experts are saying that planning is needed today. Thus rainwater harvesting is necessary for water conservation and rainwater harvesting is the only option.

Presently only the country has to bear the water scarcity. Every year water scarcity is becoming more and more serious. It is said every year to do something, but nothing is done in reality. As a result the water started crying every year. Water generation is not possible. However, it is in our hands to obstruct and to accumulate rain water. So today, we need to implement this formula. It takes more than 100 years for rainwater to land in the soil. That is, the water we use today is very old and it is our ancestors. They are getting their water today due to their planning and we are using it as a nuisance. Although there is water today, for tomorrow’s generation, we need to plan for water today. Thus, there is no other solution except by keeping rain water in the soil and keeping it in the soil.

As a result, Rain Water Hosting is the only option. So if the citizens are planning for water, tomorrow’s generation will get water. All of them need to take the initiative for Rain Water Harvesting.

Wonder Wondrous Municipal Corporation

Considering the seriousness of the deep water level and water scarcity problem, the Ward Municipal Council has taken precautions carefully. To meet the scarcity of water, the council of municipal council is focusing on the maximum amount of rain water. In order to encourage the participation of the citizens in the city, the Municipal Council has initiated two percent concession in property tax. There is no doubt that if Nagar Parishad undertakes the same kind of initiative, then they can see their good results in Gondia. Not only that, the district administration too needs to take the initiative.

The need for penal action

The district suffers from water scarcity with the city. This is why the administration is appealing to maintain water. Despite this, a lot of water was being wasted due to some. Only ordinary citizens can do nothing. Thus, the district administration needs to keep an eye on such things by forming special mobile teams. A person who is sensitized by water wastage of water, certainly a person would know the value of water for those who would be punished.

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