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Two accused arrested for burglary

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Two accused of burglary were arrested in Navegaon-Nagzira sanctuary on Friday based on footage of CCTV cameras taken by wildlife department officials. Two accused have been sentenced to four days in jail.

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Sadak-Arjuni: On the basis of footage of CCTV cameras installed in Navegaon-Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary on Friday, two accused arrested by forest department officials were arrested. Two accused have been sentenced to four days in jail.

The Department of Wildlife has taken various measures to completely eliminate the predators of wildlife in the Navegavo-Nagzira Sanctuary. CCTV cameras have also been installed in some places in the sanctuary. This has prevented the occurrence of wildlife predators.

Suresh Lakshman Sayam Rd., At Muppartoli near Kosmatondi village in the taluka. Tikaram Yadorao Uike, who came as a visitor to him, went to Nagjira sanctuary on Wednesday for hunting.

Wildlife Department officials arrested the accused on the basis of CCTV footage. They have been sentenced to four days’ detention. Shamu Sharanjat, forest laborer Dayaram Shyamkuwar.

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