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Use of Bhisi instead of Murum in road construction

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Complaint has been made by the engineers of the Public Works Department and contractor in the form of Bhisi in place of Muruga between Navegaonband-Chichgad State Highway No.277, Kohlgaon Phata and Tidka Phata.

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Arjuni-Morgaon: Complaint has been made by the engineers and contractor of Public Works Department in connection with Navi-Gobind-Chinchgad State Highway No.277, Kohlgaon Phata to Tikka Phata instead of Muruma. It is also said that the number of stalks in road work is low. There has been a demand for this road construction inquiry.

Chinchgad via Adilal State Highway No.277 is from Arjuni-Morgaon taluka. The work on this highway was completed under the supervision of the Public Works Subdivision. This work is done through a construction company in Wadsa. There is a cry of the road used for less tarpaulin than the rate of tarpaulin required. Chak Bhisi has been used instead of Muruma. Some wise people told Sub-Divisional Engineer Sonu about this incident on mobile phones. However, he ignored it.

In this manner, the contractor continued to work uninterrupted despite the complainant. The villagers complained to the senior officers of the construction department to complain about the construction of this road so that even when the matter is not brought to the notice of the local engineers, then the matter is not taken. When the complainant asked the Branch Engineer Shahare about this, do you get pimples in your area? As a result, Bhati has been used in response to the contractor’s way. Do not you get pimples in this area, are you mentioned in the budget rate? This is a very important question. When Bhisi was used to overcome the sharpening of the road. At that time is the responsibility of supervision of Sub-Divisional Engineer and Branch Engineer of the department? The questions are unanswered at that time. The literature rate before making any construction is determined by the rate of that material from a distance. Was this pimple brought from a fixed place? If it had been brought, how did you get bored instead of Muruma? Is not the Quality Monitoring Engineer responsible? These questions can not be unraveled yet. Senior officials have been asked to investigate this road and take action against the culprits.

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